Mobilizing World-Class Leaders of the Future
Mobilizing World-Class Leaders of the Future
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Mobilizing World-Class Leaders of the Future

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Your future success hinges on your ability to adapt to the rapid global changes unfolding around us. It rests on your capacity to shine as an outstanding moral and ethical leader, poised to confront the obstacles ahead. We will help you carve out a trajectory toward a life where both you and your loved ones flourish. At the Futures Leadership Network, we're committed to cultivating a community where where we share resources, knowledge, and support to tackle the unknown challenges of tomorrow head-on. Join us today to ignite the next phase of your professional journey among peers who understand this assignment and are ready to take bold action to secure their future.

Leadership Development
Leadership Development

We've created customizable leadership journeys to help you level-up your career and life in a purposeful way.

Elevate Your Personal Economy
Elevate Your Personal Economy

Receive mentorship on how to secure your future by elevating your personal economy... the only economy you can control.

Exclusive Network
Exclusive Network

Get access to professionals from all industries who can support your personal and professional development for years to come.


NEW!-The Leader-ish Podcast

The Leader-ish Podcast is all about helping go-getters take control of their careers and operate as leaders whether they have the title or not. We’ve all played by the rules, worked for good grades, invested in our education, and followed the blueprint to achieve professional and personal success and somehow most of us feel like we haven’t achieved much at all. Tune in as we amplify the voices of people who have made the choice to take control of their personal economy to secure their future success!


New- Future of Work Partner

Today's global economy is changing rapidly and over 75 million U.S. jobs will be permanently lost by 2030. Endangered Industries News is your #1 source for information about industries and careers rapidly going extinct. From Billion Dollar Blue Collar jobs to new industries that will emerge, you don't want to miss this vital information. Don't get left behind. Get the information you need to make a career pivot before it's too late. 


FuturesTV will be a dynamic hub for member-driven content and leadership development resources for members. Dive into our exclusive Leader-ish Podcast episodes, explore member-curated content, and access a wealth of tools and resources to fuel your personal and professional growth. All 100% free for members.

Before You Join FAQs

What type of industries do FLN members come from?

Members are from ALL industries and sectors, nationally and internationally.

How is this different from my industry association?

The unique thing about the Futures Leadership Network is that it is industry agnostic and allows you to expand your network across industries to ensure that you have comprehensive connections to fuel the success of your career.

Are all programs virtual/remote?

For now... yes.

We want to make sure that our programs are accessible to as many people as possible. That said, we will be planning "pop-up" events, and even working with members to coordinate regional networking events in various cities. The possibilities are endless!

How can I get involved in volunteering with FLN?

Absolutely! We encourage members to get involved by volunteering for committees, participating in leadership roles, or contributing their expertise to network initiatives. Additionally, members can nominate themselves or others for leadership positions within the organization. Once approved as a volunteer, you will receive a complimentary membership.

Can my employer pay for my monthly/annual membership fee?

Absolutely! If you need to request a "Convince Your Boss" memo template from us so that your employer can reimburse you or pay for your membership, let us know when you apply to join.

What is included in a subscription plan?

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Who can become a member of the Futures Leadership Network?

  • Membership is open to individuals from all professional backgrounds who are committed to personal growth, ethical leadership, and contributing to positive change in their communities and beyond.

How often are events and activities held?

We strive to offer a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including webinars, workshops, networking mixers, and collaborative projects. The frequency of events may vary, but we aim to provide opportunities for engagement on a regular basis.

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  • Invite-Only Leadership Masterclasses

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  • Free Pass to "Launched to Lucrative" Bootcamp

  • Ethical Leadership Micro-credential

Founder- Dr. Brandi Baldwin

Founder- Dr. Brandi Baldwin

Dr. Brandi is a former Wharton Business School lecturer and the CEO of Millennial Ventures, an award-winning firm dedicated to innovating in the workforce development space. She has trained and advised over 200k professionals, given over 500 keynotes and presentations, and served over 200 companies, including Comcast, Discover, TD Bank, Salesforce, Merck, Google, and the Federal Government. At the Futures Leadership Network she's helping the next generation of leaders position themselves for future success in business and in life. Follow her on social media @TheDoctorBrandi to learn more.

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