Helping 9-5ers Learn How to Earn an Additional $5k-$50k Per Year by Packaging their Knowledge, Even if They Don't Have Prior Experience, They Don't Know Where to Start, and No One Knows Them

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Launched to Lucrative

In times of economic uncertainty and rising costs, finding practical ways to increase your income is crucial. Instead of the hassle of starting a business with hefty upfront costs, there's a simpler and more profitable route. We teach you the exact steps to enhance your professional value by honing your skills as a speaker and applying them across your career. Plus, we provide a blueprint to save you time and energy, helping you earn more income in the future.

This Program Will Help:

This Program Will Help:

  • Corporate professionals in all sectors who want to earn additional income as a speaker or consultant in their industry.

  • Corporate leaders become more influential among their peers and employees.

  • 9-5ers who need to stand-out at work in order to quickly ascend to higher paying roles.

  • Fundraising professionals who need to persuade donors to support their cause.

  • Entrepreneurs who need to master powerful communication to build a following on social media, find investors, or attract top talent.

  • Speakers who have reached a ceiling on their earning potential and need to refresh their brand and approach.

  • Professionals in transition who are interviewing and need to gain competitive employment quickly.


PART ONE- Packaging Your Expertise

  • The Psychology and Power Behind Persuasion: Understand the key principles of persuasion to influence and engage your audience effectively.

  • Defining Your Platform: Learn how to build your personal brand and attract opportunities by getting the right attention.

  • Live Brand Development Workshop: Participate in hands-on sessions to develop and refine your professional brand.

  • Creating Your Signature Talk: Craft up to two impactful topics that define your expertise and message.

  • Creative Branded Titles for Your Talks: Develop compelling and memorable titles for your presentations.

  • Designing Content for Various Formats: Tailor your content for workshops, presentations, and keynotes to maximize impact.

  • Live Audience Feedback: Gain invaluable insights and feedback on your talk from a live audience.

  • Virtual vs. In-Person Engagement: Master the dos and don'ts of engaging with your audience in both virtual and in-person settings.

  • Confidence Coaching: Boost your self-assurance and stage presence with expert coaching.

  • Discovering Your X Factor: Identify and leverage your unique qualities as a thought leader and speaker.

  • Social Media Lab: Enhance your online presence and engagement through targeted social media strategies.

  • Using ChatGPT to Stay Cutting Edge: Learn how to utilize AI tools like ChatGPT to stay ahead in content creation and engagement.

PART TWO- The Business of Getting Paid for Your Expertise

  • How to Create a Speaking Proposal: Learn to craft effective proposals with provided templates.

  • Speaking Contract Dos and Don'ts: Understand key contract terms with a template to guide you.

  • Payment Terms and Negotiation: Master negotiation tactics to secure better fees.

  • Setting and Increasing Your Prices: Discover how to price your services and know when to raise your rates.

  • Guidelines for Speaking for Free: Learn when it's beneficial to speak for free and how to sell a product to your audience.

  • Corporate B2B Booking Know-How: Gain insights into securing corporate bookings.

  • Finding Clients Nationwide and Worldwide: Strategies to attract clients from different regions.

  • Designing Your Speaker Request Form: Get a ready-to-use template for client requests.

  • Automating and Managing the Booking Process: Learn how to streamline your booking process from start to finish.

  • Top Questions for Pre-Engagement Meetings: Key questions to ask to ensure successful engagements.

  • Starting an LLC for Your Speaking Business: Basics of forming an LLC to protect and grow your business.

  • Earning Plan for the Next 12 Months: Create a personalized plan to earn $5k-$50k+ from speaking, tailored to your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need any prior experience in public speaking to take this course?

    • No prior experience is required. The course is suitable for beginners as well as those looking to improve their existing skills.

  2. Will I receive any templates or resources during the course?

    • Yes, the course includes templates for speaking proposals, contracts, speaker request forms, and guidelines for setting prices and automating the booking process.

  3. Can I take this course at my own pace?

    • Yes, the course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to complete it at your own pace while also offering live sessions for interactive learning.

  4. Will there be any live sessions or workshops?

    • Yes, Dr. Brandi and the Futures Team will invite you to any live sessions that they host. However, the primary program is designed with a self-paced model.

  5. How will this course help me earn more money from speaking engagements?

    • The course provides strategies for setting and increasing your prices, negotiating better fees, finding clients, and creating a plan to earn $5k-$50k+ from speaking engagements within the next 12 months.

  6. What kind of support can I expect during the course?

    • You’ll have access to the Futures Leadership Team for guidance, and they will check in with you from time to time after you enroll. You’ll also benefit from a community of fellow learners for support and networking.

  7. Is there a refund policy if I’m not satisfied with the course?

    • Yes, we offer a refund within 7 days of starting the course. After 7 days, no refunds will be issued. We do not offer refunds if you do not start or finish the course, so regardless of how much you complete, refunds are only available within the initial 7-day period.

#Receipts From Real Professionals

Dr. Deanine Halliman, Founder of
Stephanie D'Angelo, Founder of HerClub
Reggie Jeffries, Founder of the Management Masters Academy
Kyra King, CEO of Prosper Logistics
Dr. Jenaya White, Founder of the Confident Queens Collective

"Dr. Brandi's Launched to Lucrative course was EVERYTHING! I went from a frazzled business owner to a confident marketer. As a new book author I was confused on the most effective ways to market it. Dr. Brandi had me focus on branding the book, and selecting the right outlets to market it."

Dr. Deanine Halliman, Founder of

As a 9-5er from one of the "big four" consulting firms, I needed mentorship around how to start a side hustle that was my passion. I launched HerClub and Dr. Brandi's live Q&A's helped me push through to unlearn habits from corporate America that don't work when launching a business. I so needed it!

Stephanie D'Angelo, Founder of HerClub

Dr. Brandi and her team helped me package my thought leadership in 8 weeks and launch my B2B consulting firm. The clarity of her system 100% helped me get launched right away. Now, I'm doing exactly what I do at my 9-5, but with my own clients.

Reggie Jeffries, Founder of the Management Masters Academy

"My trucking logistics business was growing so fast that I didn't have time to create systems or processes for sustainable growth. Things were a mess. After the challenge, I got systems set up and successfully grew my team and improved the experience for my clients."

Kyra King, CEO of Prosper Logistics

"They were doing layoffs at my 9-5 and that's when I knew I had to take the leap. When I started, all I had was a business idea. Within the first 90-days of the challenge, I  generated $40k."

Dr. Jenaya White, Founder of the Confident Queens Collective

Program Pricing

Launched to Lucrative "Package Your Platform" Speaker Development

  • 6-month access to all program content.

  • Access to all templates and done-for-you resources.

  • Support from Dr. Brandi and the Futures Team.

  • Invitations to Free Live Q&A Sessions.

  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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